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Allen’s Story

Sammy’s Story

Trevor’s Story

Tanner’s Story

High Five Tuesday

Don & Pat’s Story

In the heaviest time of their lives, God was there with Don and Pat.

Katie’s Story

She found the confidence and security in Jesus that she never had before.

Jayce’s Story

He found an opportunity to demonstrate God' grace in a tense situation.

Octavian’s Story

He joined the worship team to grow musically, but soon realized God had more in store.

Brad’s Story

He robbed a bank to feed his drug addiction, but everything changed when he discovered Jesus.

Marlette’s Story

Loneliness brought her to a breaking point, but she found family in church.

Kelly’s Story

In the midst of tragedy, God's faithfulness helped her find peace.

Denise’s Story

God helped her start a business that went beyond what she ever expected.

Alise & David’s Story

Two paths collide as God brought them together.

Tracy’s Story

She found freedom from substance abuse when she found Jesus.

Billy’s Story

He exchanged loneliness for family and found a way to give back.

Liam’s Story

Complications at birth threatened his life, but Jesus brought health.

Johanan’s Story

He had experienced church—but then he experienced God.

Baby Esther’s Story

Her life is a miracle and a gift worth waiting for.

Ryan’s Story

Trapped by his heroin habit, he found joy in the process of restoration.

Christine’s Story

She traded emptiness for substance when she got right with God.

Doug’s Story

He found freedom and power that substances had never given him.

Kerri’s Story

A broken home broke her view of fatherhood, but God brought healing.

Taryn & Joe’s Story

An affair devastated their marriage, but the story doesn’t stop there.

Cara & Colin’s Story

They were building careers at the cost of their marriage until they found true success.

Reagan & Laura’s Story

Raised a Mormon, he looked for God—but God found him instead.

Jonathan’s Story

He traded substance abuse for “Jesus adrenaline.”

Victoria’s Story

One night, she decided she was going to do whatever it took to be free.

Jon’s & Rose’s Story

After twelve years of barrenness,they received a double blessing.

Shaleta’s Story

College parties only highlighted her loneliness, but Jesus brought fulfillment.

Cheryl’s Story

She lived a double life until God showed up and rocked her world.

Renee’s Story

She went to church all her life, but never really felt unconditional love.

Joshua’s Story

He found family, friendship, and self-confidence when he started attending church.

Dave & Jill’s Story

He thought religion was hokey-pokey until he encountered God's true love.

Rhonda’s Story

Diagnosed with cancer, she found strength and comfort in a word from God.

Kristen’s Story

She realized who she really was after seeing who Jesus is.